Menu for Week of Sept. 18

In Menu on September 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm

This week we’ll be planning on using the ingredients we pick up today in five (5) meals, which will most likely be dinners. The weather forecast says that this week is going to be rather warm, so we’re going to plan for warm-friendly, summery dishes. We’re starting our week on Sunday, since we’ll be heading up to Girl’s parent’s house Friday after work. (Hopefully we’ll be able to score some delicious veggies from her Mom’s garden for next week!)


Eggplant and smoked Gouda open faced grilled sammiches (via Epicurious)

Assorted summer squashes and ravioli

Steamed artichokes with risotto and BBQ chicken

Fresh corn sauté with tomatoes, squash, and fried okra (via Epicurious)

Mushroom cream gravy over smashed potatoes with green beans and skirt steak

What to pick up today:
Artichokes (we’ll be grabbing two)
Summer squashes (about two pounds)
Tomatoes (12oz cherry, 1 large heirloom)
Okra (12 pods)
Corn (3 ears)
Green onion (2)
Potatoes (1 bag) (Already have some at home, left over from last week)
Green beans (1/2 pound)
Eggplant (1 large/ 3 small assorted)

Total: $25.25 (We also picked up some lettuce to have some side salads for the week too…)

– Boy


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